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42 votes

Sub Albums

I want to have albums inside of albums!

22 votes

Image Tags

Let me add tags to my images so I can sort by pb, color, and other things.

20 votes


Please add randomizers

17 votes

psd download

I’d like to upload my psds to store then and display a preview of it

11 votes

Sort album images by title

I want to sort album images by their title.

4 votes

2×2 display (in a block format)

Would like to see small images for display in our albums for the sake of easier organization. My suggestion is 2X2 images uniformly displayed in a block format. This could be standard or offered as a user setting.

When you click one of the small images in the album it would then appear in the original size and display the various codes below it as is currently the case.

2 votes

Allow tif uploads

see above

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