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Internal Upgrades


Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well! I am! I just got an awesome ticket for a concert by Nine Inch Nails. I know, you probably don’t like them, but, I do! They’re doing a surprise performance in my city and I got a ticket! Woo! Anyways, thanks to all of you for recommending us in the light of recent events, and our partnerships with the amazingly talented teams at Caution...

Infographic – Running NickPicHost


Every once in a while the statistics behind NickPicHost will be released to the public. The most notable was back in February, 2017. The previous infographic showed our statistics and our growth over our first year. Now, let me tell you, the current statistics, five months after the last infographic completely dwarfs the previous statistics. That 524 users is no more. That 75,000 images is far...

Update: Photobucket Transfers


Good evening, As of the time this post goes live, NickPic.Host is no longer accepting any free Photobucket Transfers. This is due to the massive amount of requests we’ve had created a significant backlog, plus, the fact of Photobucket making it hard. We’re having trouble transferring a complete 100% of the images. If you would still like us to transfer here is our pricing: 1¢ per...

No. Dobby is not down. We’re updating! New Features!


Good evening everyone! I apologize. You may have noticed our new maintenance page. It will state for you to excuse our stardust… This is because we grind up stars and make a lot of magic happen with the helpful help of our amazing service providers. Oh, you may have noticed the title. We have officially named our servers. You can check out our server names by clicking the Server Status...

Photobucket Inc album transfer help


Good evening! I hope you are all having a fantastic day, and to my fellow Americans, Happy Independence Day! We are all a part of an amazing and talented world. I live in an amazing country full of talented people who work hard to fight for their passions every. Single. Day. This also includes all of you. You all fight for your passion of stories, graphics, writing, RP games, and much more. I...

CDN Updates


Good evening. I hope everyone’s first half of the year went amazing. Over here at NickPic.Host we experienced a massive amount of growth as many trusted names have failed to uphold our trust. We’re trying hard to mitigate this growth and prepare for upcoming growth. We love each and every one of you. We’ve had a small handful make donations that helped us out tremendously. Now...

Photobucket and the state of image hosting


Good evening, It has come to the NickPic.Host Council’s attention today that Photobucket Inc is now charging a yearly $399 USD (£307 GBP, €349 EUR) to use your own content on a third party website. This is despite the fact that a great deal of Photobucket Inc’s early advertisements was very pro-hotlinking and catered to the design community. This design community was a major part of...

Changes to NickPic.Host over the next week


Good morning. Over the next few days NickPic.Host will be rolling out a number of changes. Some of these are building off of the changes from earlier in the week, as shown here. Most of the changes will be to Quality of Life improvements for NickPic.Host. Default Embed links will become easier to use, and will be shown first when loading an image from an album or using the page URL. Schemeless...

Bug Fixes and Changes June 24, 2017


Good evening. Early on June 24, 2017 it was discovered that there was a very, very, rare bug that was affecting some users. After some troubleshooting, we have isolated the bug. It is causing some images, that were uploaded at the very exact same second to NickPic.Host to cross wires and assign and or be lost. In order to fix this bug I had to take the server offline. Right now the following...

What happened? June 21, 2017


As I assure all of you may be aware that in the early hours of June 21, 2017, that NickPic.Host’s main website stopped working correctly. Files that were uploaded did upload with no problem and saved to the server correctly. Your data was not lost. Any preview you were shown after uploading did not show correctly. This issue led to some users just trying to upload the same image and getting a...

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