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Good evening all! I hope you’re all well. I want to thank each and every one of you for your support of NickPic.Host! We’re all thrilled to have you a part of us. We are absolutely overwhelmed by keeping our infrastructure updated. But, guess what? We did it! However, I have some things to discuss with you.

You may have noticed on the homepage of NickPic.Host there is a new donation tracking meter. It is set for $863 which is the latest update of what I believe it will cost me to run NickPic.Host for the next year, barring growth remains stable. The cost is expected to slowly increase, but, hopefully not by much. As we grew larger, we were able to negotiate special pricing with many of our CDN providers to make your connection faster.

For the last 6 months I’ve ran advertisements. So far to date the advertisements have made $59. That is it. This is far under my goal to run the hosting services. The rest of it comes out of my pocket like clockwork. I don’t mind, because this is a wonderful hobby and it teaches me so much. Plus, it gives back to this community that gave me a home since I started Role Play and creative writing when I was 12! That was 16 years ago!

I grew up with you all. I am glad to give back. Our entire team is. We’re working on some great things, stay tuned! If you can help, please do so! We’d appreciate it!

To learn more about donating please visit our Cost of Service page.

Once we hit our budget for the entire year, advertisements will be disabled across the entire website!

Thank you! <3

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