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At 5:04 AM Pacific Standard Time the server named Winky had a temporary hiccup. Unfortunately my phone was on silent so the alerts didn’t wake me up. There were a total of 347 alerts in the spam of two and a half hours. I woke up early (Sunday), though I went to bed last night late. I was out at a Symphony all night.

I have failed all of you and I fully apologize. 🙁 The issue is now fixed. Here’s a preview of what my phone looked like:

The alert system worked flawlessly. All 347 of them came to my phone perfectly. I was just delayed in checking it. Our downtime for Winky was 3 hours. This prevented new uploads to our service. Any old uploads are safe, and should load just fine as the CDN was still online. The server went offline.

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Please feel free to ask any questions


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