Downtime for Winky CDN


Good evening,

Earlier today the Winky CDN went down. This is not to make excuses, but, to explain the chain of events. We’re growing a lot. This is growing pains.

  1. We have been experiencing a surge of extra traffic. This is good, it means more visitors are viewing your  images on your site. You all likely grown a lot, which means more stress on our servers.
  2. Winky, the fileserver is getting full. She is at 145.96 GB used out of 200 GB. We’re having a lot of images write at one time, which slows her indexing down.
  3. NickPic.Host uses SATA Drives, not SSD, so the file service is slowing down creating new files.
  4. The CDN hit the cap that was set, to help control ddos from burning out the system. But, that was overrode by our CDN. It appears our cache got stuck on an offline server when Winky automatically restarted to self-correct some issues which also caused a malfunctioning nginx.

We will be introducing a new file server shortly. We’re in-between Germany, Luxembourg, New York, or Las Vegas. We’re going to do some internal discussions about this before we introduce it.

We also had someone write to us feeling their donations are wasted. If anyone feels like this, the donation will be refunded. No hard feelings. I, Nick, don’t ever want any of you feel like that.

By the way, Winky was probably drunk. Also, I apologize. I was in the hospital all day and have been recovering from having heart surgery. I still am not 100% yet. I’ve made some crazy optimizations recently too, which gives us better internal endurance, which allows us to grow.

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