Downtime for Winky CDN


Good evening, Earlier today the Winky CDN went down. This is not to make excuses, but, to explain the chain of events. We’re growing a lot. This is growing pains. We have been experiencing a surge of extra traffic. This is good, it means more visitors are viewing your  images on your site. You all likely grown a lot, which means more stress on our servers. Winky, the fileserver is getting...



Team! Dobby is down! This is not a drill. I was just alerted to this. We’re fixing it ASAP! — 6:28 PM. 6:33 PM – Arul from our amazing service provider, BigWetFish is currently investigating the issue. 6:35 PM – Arul form BigWetFish got Dobby back up! Alright! Here’s what happened. Some of the httpd process hanged out for a bit. Basically Dobby had some friends over...

Infographic – Running NickPicHost


Every once in a while the statistics behind NickPicHost will be released to the public. The most notable was back in February, 2017. The previous infographic showed our statistics and our growth over our first year. Now, let me tell you, the current statistics, five months after the last infographic completely dwarfs the previous statistics. That 524 users is no more. That 75,000 images is far...

No. Dobby is not down. We’re updating! New Features!


Good evening everyone! I apologize. You may have noticed our new maintenance page. It will state for you to excuse our stardust… This is because we grind up stars and make a lot of magic happen with the helpful help of our amazing service providers. Oh, you may have noticed the title. We have officially named our servers. You can check out our server names by clicking the Server Status...

Photobucket and the state of image hosting


Good evening, It has come to the NickPic.Host Council’s attention today that Photobucket Inc is now charging a yearly $399 USD (£307 GBP, €349 EUR) to use your own content on a third party website. This is despite the fact that a great deal of Photobucket Inc’s early advertisements was very pro-hotlinking and catered to the design community. This design community was a major part of...

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