Happy Thursday everyone! We’re almost to the weekend, well, you guys are! I have a six day work week ahead of me. But, at least that’s overtime, right? So, when I get home from work I go back to… WORK! On NickPic.Host working hard to keep everything running smoothly and stable.

You may have noticed a few unannounced Excuse our Stardust pages while we’re doing upgrades. But, trust me. It is worth it. The beginning of this month we started with a D in benchmark ratings. Take a look at our score now:


That is an A. A big. Fat. 100 out of 100 score. We’re also ranking highly on mobile and desktop site tests on other benchmark sites now, but, Pingdom is our favorite because it is about stuff that actually matters. Google’s, for example, is about code standard and how to call “less” resources, which, honestly, doesn’t really matter because we use a CDN, so we’d never hit their “perfect” standards unless we buy a server rack and hire a staff of 15 developers. Too expensive for no gain!

I am currently working with BigWetFish on getting GZip and mod_deflate set up and testing these out. If it works as expected, we would compress our website down to about 25% of what it currently is. This should make the website load about 60% faster while counting for our CDN requests. We’re also working on adding GZip back to our CDNs to make them super fast for Gifs! We will make sure you lose absolutely no quality.

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  • First off, Thank you very much for the updates, Things are running smoothly on my end!
    Congratulations on those BIG FAT A’s. You totally deserve them scores!
    Thanks for dedicating so much time to the site. Don’t kill yourself doing so, though! It’s okay to take a couple of breaks and take it slow! We love the site anyway!
    P.S. Them google standards mean nothing!

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