Downtime for Winky CDN


Good evening, Earlier today the Winky CDN went down. This is not to make excuses, but, to explain the chain of events. We’re growing a lot. This is growing pains. We have been experiencing a surge of extra traffic. This is good, it means more visitors are viewing your  images on your site. You all likely grown a lot, which means more stress on our servers. Winky, the fileserver is getting...

Quick Health Update


Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your continued loyalty of NickPicHost. You all sharing your stories with us makes every single person who interacts with NickPicHost happy. You know why? Roleplays, stories, art, all bring happiness and peace to the human soul. Each and every one of you contribute to that. Now, I have something personal. I don’t often put personal things on this service...

Downtime for Winky


At 5:04 AM Pacific Standard Time the server named Winky had a temporary hiccup. Unfortunately my phone was on silent so the alerts didn’t wake me up. There were a total of 347 alerts in the spam of two and a half hours. I woke up early (Sunday), though I went to bed last night late. I was out at a Symphony all night. I have failed all of you and I fully apologize. 🙁 The issue is now fixed...

For the Year!


Good evening all! I hope you’re all well. I want to thank each and every one of you for your support of NickPic.Host! We’re all thrilled to have you a part of us. We are absolutely overwhelmed by keeping our infrastructure updated. But, guess what? We did it! However, I have some things to discuss with you. You may have noticed on the homepage of NickPic.Host there is a new donation...

Doing Good


I apologize, here’s a bit of an off-topic post to help with some understanding about a person behind NickPic.Host, Nick himself, the owner and founder. Doing good things is not a hard task. It can be as simple as opening a door for someone. NickPic.Host, I believe provides a good service to our community, a much-needed service for our community. Image hosts suck. I know this from first-hand...



Team! Dobby is down! This is not a drill. I was just alerted to this. We’re fixing it ASAP! — 6:28 PM. 6:33 PM – Arul from our amazing service provider, BigWetFish is currently investigating the issue. 6:35 PM – Arul form BigWetFish got Dobby back up! Alright! Here’s what happened. Some of the httpd process hanged out for a bit. Basically Dobby had some friends over...

Winky is down / File Upload Storage Server


As of 8:40 PM PST we were notified that Winky has fallen. Dobby sent me a message and I immediately put NickPic.Host in mainentance mode for stability reasons. During this time I am making sure no files are damaged. If any are, I will reach out. I will be checking up on the health of Winky. We took the main website down at 8:41 PM, in a 1 minute response time. Winky is our file server, for just...

CDN Notes


Good evening readers! In an effort to remain transparent, I am going to share my findings on CDN’s. We have talked about this a few times before. But, not to the detail of the statistics as I’m going into now. We used to use MaxCDN, and their first byte time and speed was amazing for North America and crucial to our growth. Recently I switched to KeyCDN. When trying to cancel MaxCDN I...

Quick maintenance for feature testing


We’re currently doing a quick maintenance to test out a new feature! Trust us on this! 🙂 More info soon! Meanwhile, I believe you all have seen the new maintenance page. I hope you enjoy the new appearance of it. I worked on making it match everything we stand for. If you get the reference +1 to you!
Here’s a preview:

Update: Our feature test was a failure. 🙁



Happy Thursday everyone! We’re almost to the weekend, well, you guys are! I have a six day work week ahead of me. But, at least that’s overtime, right? So, when I get home from work I go back to… WORK! On NickPic.Host working hard to keep everything running smoothly and stable. You may have noticed a few unannounced Excuse our Stardust pages while we’re doing upgrades...

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