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Quick Health Update


Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your continued loyalty of NickPicHost. You all sharing your stories with us makes every single person who interacts with NickPicHost happy. You know why? Roleplays, stories, art, all bring happiness and peace to the human soul. Each and every one of you contribute to that. Now, I have something personal. I don’t often put personal things on this service...

Downtime for Winky


At 5:04 AM Pacific Standard Time the server named Winky had a temporary hiccup. Unfortunately my phone was on silent so the alerts didn’t wake me up. There were a total of 347 alerts in the spam of two and a half hours. I woke up early (Sunday), though I went to bed last night late. I was out at a Symphony all night. I have failed all of you and I fully apologize. 🙁 The issue is now fixed...

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